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Teen Audition Workshop

On Friday, April 17 from 7:00pm - 10:00pm, Barley Sheaf will host an Audition Workshop for this year's Teen Show, Nice Work if You Can Get It. All teens interested in auditioning for the Teen Show are welcome. The workshop will cover some general things to do and not do at an audition. You will also have the chance to sing your audition song and receive feedback prior to the actual auditions.

Please come with a prepared song, along with the sheet music, that you are planning to sing at auditions. You must bring sheet music with you - you will not be allowed to sing unaccompanied. Please note that you will critiqued, so please be ready for some constructive feedback.

The workshop will be run by Ron Quirk, Director of this year's Teen Show.

Also, please note that attending the workshop is NOT a requirement to be cast in the show. Conversely, attending the workshop does NOT mean you will automatically be cast in the show. The purpose of the workshop is just to help you have the best audition possible. And hopefully pick up some general audition tips as well :)

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to email Ron Quirk.

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