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The 2010 One-Act Festival

We're on! The parking lots are plowed out and the festival is set to go at 10am.

Every year, The Barley Sheaf Players host a judged one-act festival that offers a collection of different small shows, each running between five and sixty minutes. Each show, director, and cast has a chance to win awards and recognition, and the judges will select one or more shows to represent The Barley Sheaf Players at the next level of competition, the PACT (Pennsylvania Association of Community Theaters) festival later this year.

This year our festival will feature six separate one-act performances:

  • Equal Rights for Frogs, an original play by Susan Shaw, directed by Don Mimm
  • 1-900-DESPERATE, by Christopher Durang, directed by Rose-Marie Abi-Richa and Tessa Raum
  • Tuna Fish Sandwich (A Love Story), an original play written and directed by Andrea Daniels
  • The Desert Surprise Coffee Shop, an original play by Christine Bush, directed by Rose-Marie Abi-Richa
  • A Dress for the Wedding, by Yair Packer, directed by Christine Robinson
  • No Problem, by Chatherine Butterfield, directed by Stephanie Kupski
Admission is $10, payable at the door, which entitles you to stay for as many (or few) of the performances as you wish. Reservations will not be taken for this event, and free member admission is not permitted.

Some of the shows contain adult themes and language.

The first show starts at 10:00 AM, and the festival should conclude around 1:30 PM. The doors are locked during each show's performance, and reopened between shows to allow newly arriving patrons to enter. If you do not plan to arrive at 10:00 AM please dress warmly, as you may be hanging out on our front porch for a while.

This show has closed.

February 2010
10:00 am*
* Member tickets not valid for marked (orange) shows.


Tim Long
Ed Mackey, Allen Puy

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