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Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Children's Show 2019

Craig Hawes; Directed by Deborah Young

When the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his moronic guards threaten the villagers of Sherwood, feisty Maid Marion hires a band of freedom fighters for protection. But when Robin and his Merry Men arrive, she soon discovers they're not exactly what she'd ordered! With no time to lose, she persuades these hapless heroes to take center stage for the performance of their lives - if only they could stick to the script!
Follow the most outrageous outlaws in history on their side-splitting, action-packed adventure to defeat the dastardly Sheriff, storm Nottingham Castle, rescue Maid Marion and overthrow King John - all without losing their heads!


  • Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 1:00 PM
  • Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 1:00 PM

You only need to attend one of the above audition sessions in order to be considered. No appointments are necessary. You should plan to spend about 3 hours at the theater for auditions (perhaps a little more or less, depending on turnout).

Auditions will consist of singing a prepared 45-second selection of a song that showcases your voice in style of this show. Please bring piano sheet music for the selection, and choose a show with music a youth can sing. Examples of this would be Oliver!, Annie, or Matilda. In addition, you will be asked to read from the script with other auditioners and do some improvisational movement. Dress comfortably in clothes you can move in. Headshot and resume are not required.

If you have any questions about auditions, you may e-mail the director at Debbie_young@comcast.net. Questions about song selection and sheet music may be sent to the music director, Tina Stuber, at KJStuber@aol.com.

Number of Girls: 4-28, Ages 7-13
Number of Boys: 4-28, Ages 7-13

Character Descriptions:
King John: The Villain of the piece
The Sheriff of Nottingham: His Henchman
Maid Marion: Our heroine who saves the day
Robin Hood: Leader of the Merry Men
Merry Men: England?s finest troupe of wandering entertainers
Assorted guards, henchmen, villagers and scouts

Please Note: English accents are not required for this show.

Rehearsals for Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies will begin with a Read-through and Parent's Meeting on Tuesday, June 11, from 6-7:30. Rehearsals will begin June 18, and will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-4. Actors may miss up to 3 rehearsals. Rehearsals beginning July 22 and all performances are mandatory. Tech rehearsals will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 29-31, from 1- 5:30. Please bring a list of any conflicts you may have to auditions


Coming August 1st

August 2019
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* Member tickets not valid for marked (orange) shows.

Tickets have not yet gone on-sale for this show.


Deb Young
Music Director
Tina Stuber
Amy Weisenberg
Kelsey Young

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