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Guys and Dolls

Teen Show 2019

Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows; Directed by Allison Beaver and Lindsay Franklin

New York's most infamous crap game organizer, Nathan Detroit, hoping for a big pay out, challenges notorious gambler Sky Masterson to a bet he's sure he'll win: take mission girl Sarah Brown to dinner in Havana, Cuba. Sky accepts and pursues the known conservative young woman, while Nathan deals with his own situation - staving off his fiancé of 14 years, Adelaide, who is tired of waiting for a wedding. Gambling and love seem at odds and the characters are called to question their priorities in order to set things right.


  • Monday, April 22, 2019 at 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 6:00 PM - Callbacks by invitation only

You only need to attend one of the above audition sessions in order to be considered. No appointments are necessary. You should plan to spend about 2-3 hours at the theater for auditions (perhaps a little more or less, depending on turnout).

Auditions will consist of singing a 30-45 second selection of a song of your choice. We prefer that you not sing a song from the show, but something in a similar style is encouraged. Please bring sheet music with you; we will have an accompanist there for auditions and callbacks. We will also be doing cold readings from the script and a general dance/movement portion of the audition. Please dress comfortably.

We will be reserving Wednesday night for possible callbacks. These will be by invitation only and may include actors being asked to learn all or part of a song from the show, additional readings, and/or learning a more involved dance for specific roles/featured dancers. We will give more details about callbacks to those who are needed.

If you have any questions about auditions, you may e-mail the directors at lindsay.franklin99@gmail.com or allison.greet@gmail.com.

Cast requirements:
Female roles-10-20
Male roles-8-20

Character Descriptions:
Nicely-nicely Johnson- Male, Tenor (B5-D4)
Nicely-Nicely is a sweet-natured gambler with boundless enthusiasm. Best pal to Nathan Detroit with both comic timing to deliver hilarious one-liners and a beautiful singing voice that soars above the climactic "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat."

Benny Southstreet- Male, Baritone (G5-D4)
Benny is a gambler whose daily reading is the Racing Form. This role calls for comic acting skills, accurate pitch, and the ability to hold one part alone against others. He's upbeat, sometimes nervy, and is further down the pecking order.

Sarah Brown- Female, Soprano (G5-B3)
Sarah is an idealistic but sheltered missionary. She is kind-hearted but too categorical in her view of the world. She learns she has an adventurous side and goes through character changes over the course of the show.

Arvide Abernathy- Male, Baritone/Bass Baritone (F5-D4)
Arvide is Sarah?s grandfather and a member of the Save-a-Soul mission. He is a wise and caring man with a warm heart that harbors only the kindest intentions, even if he tends to be a little gullible. A rich voice needed for one of the show's lovelier songs, More I Cannot Wish You, as well as sufficient dramatic ability to portray a sympathetic character of at least middle-age.

Harry the Horse- Male, Baritone (G5-F3)
Harry the Horse is another gangster who has come into money by collecting the reward on---his father. He is the side kick and mouthpiece to Big Jule and has a complaining streak. He is a pleasant scoundrel who is on the ball and can be a cool customer who is able to stand his ground when necessary.

Lt. Brannigan- Male
Lt. Brannigan is a member of the local police force, engaged in what he perceives to be a battle of wits with Nathan to stop the craps game. He is wise to the gangsters? exploits and tries to keep them in order. He is no fool, but somehow gets duped by Nathan Detroit and company.

Nathan Detroit- Male, Baritone (F5-D4)
Nathan is a lovable rogue who is always struggling to stay one step ahead of the pack and looking for the big break he never seems to get. A harried but good-hearted joe, he makes his living arranging illegal, floating dice games for other gamblers. Nathan has been engaged to night club performer Adelaide for fourteen years, but adept at avoiding matrimony.

Miss Adelaide- Female, mezzo-soprano (E5-A3)
Adelaide is the headliner at the "Hot Box" -a somewhat tacky and dodgy cabaret joint. She spends the whole show with the symptoms of a cold, acting through sneezes and congestion. She adores Nathan but is driven crazy by his antics with the gambling ring and having been engaged to him for 15 years. She is pretty, outspoken, and stubborn- so strong comic timing and dancing ability is required.

Sky Masterson- Male, Baritone (E5-B3)
Sky is a dashing, high-flying professional gambler who gets his nickname from his astronomical bets. He is a suave, intelligent, and confident gangster who naturally commands others' respect and
attention. He has a rigid personal code which, under the influence of love, becomes a higher morality.
Sky takes Save-a-Soul officer Sarah Brown out to dinner on a bet, and ends up marrying her and joining
her cause.

Big Jule- Male, Baritone (G5-F3)
Big Jule is a tough-talking, intimidating hustler/gambler from Chicago, who is also temperamental and a
sore loser. He has a powerful personality with a menacing side (yet played for comedy).

Rusty Charlie- Male, Baritone.
He is a gambler and one of Nathan's primary associates. He is a colorful personality, with good pitch and
part-singing ability.

General Matilda B. Cartwright- Female, Mezzo-Soprano
General Cartwright is the regional director of the Save-a-Soul mission. She is a powerful, matronly, no-nonsense
authoritarian with a formidable presence. However, she cuts loose in the song Sit Down Your
Rockin the Boat.

Another gambler in Nathan's gambling group of friends.

Joey Biltmore
A contentious auto mechanic willing to rent his garage out for a crap game, but only if the price is right.

Master of Ceremonies
The MC is a smooth-talking, well-dressed announcer at the Hot Box night club where Adelaide sings.

Mission Band
Agatha- A member of the Mission Band and a friend of Sarah.
Calvin- A member of the Mission Band and a friend of Sarah.
Martha- A member of the Mission Band and a friend of Sarah.

Hot Box Girls (Allison, Ferguson, Vernon, Mimi)
They are a chorus of performers, and friends of Adelaide, who back-up Adelaide in her night club act.
Strong dancing, singing and character performance required for these roles.

Male and female singers/dancers will be required for the Havana Sequence and the Crapshooters
Dance. They should be strong performers who can create individual, well-developed characters.

Please Note: The age ranges for the teen show are as follows: Teens must turn 13 before opening night (July 12th, 2019) and may not have graduated high school at the time of auditions (so, not older than 18/19).

Rehearsals for Guys and Dolls will be on Sundays at 1:00pm, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm. Tech rehearsals will be held on July 7th-10th. Please bring a list of any conflicts you may have to auditions.

The Teen Show production staff understands that spring and summer are busy times for teens as you finish up school and plan vacations. We also want to recognize the difficult position conflicts put the staff and actors in as we try to work around missing actors. This summer we ask that you aim to keep your conflicts to 6 or fewer and if you have more than that, you will be asked to speak with the production staff. Once they have a broader picture of where your conflicts fall and how actors might make up what is missed, they will decide whether or not we will be able to work with your schedule. Thank you for your understanding as we try to strike a balance and respect everyone's time.

Thanks so much!

The Teen Show Production Staff


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Allison Beaver, Lindsay Franklin
Christine Robinson
Musical Director
Doug Pratt
Tia Allen
Set Designer
Wayne Grinwis

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