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What a Knight!

Children's Show 2018

Craig Hawes; Directed by Deborah Young

When squire Watt Cobblers is expelled from Knight School, he reluctantly becomes Merlin's new apprentice. But soon Camelot Castle collapses into chaos. Merlin has lost Excalibur, King Arthur's daughters have been kidnapped and his brave knights have turned into chickens. Watt and his new found friends, Dusty Dragon and wayward Princess Alice, set off on the biggest quest of their lives. But can our unlikely heroes rescue the princesses, save Excalibur and defeat the evil Black Knight? The answers are found in this magical production!


  • Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 1:00 PM
  • Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 1:00 PM

You only need to attend one of the above audition sessions in order to be considered. No appointments are necessary. You should plan to spend about 2 hours at the theater for auditions (perhaps a little more or less, depending on turnout).

For auditions, please prepare a 30 second selection of a song you sing well, and that shows your vocal range. We will have an accompanist, so please bring sheet music. It is best to use songs from a musical that features children, such as such as Annie, Honk, Oliver, or Newsies, and there are many more. For more information about choosing a song or finding sheet music, please contact our music director using the email below. You will also be asked to read a short scene and play an improvisational game. There will be movement required, so dress comfortably, shorts are best.

If you have any questions about auditions, you may e-mail the director at Debbie_young@comcast.net, or Tina, our music director, at KJStuber@aol.com.

Cast requirements: We are looking for up to 30 boys and girls, ages 7-13.

Character Descriptions:
Watt Cobbler - who is failing at becoming a knight
Princess Alice - who is failing at becoming a princess
Merlin - who is failing at being a magician
King Arthur, The Black Knight, Watt's mother Lucy, Dusty the Dragon (we need a puppeteer), Marvin the Mirror, and many knights and ladies!

Rehearsals for What a Knight! will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-4, beginning June 14. There will be a readthrough of the script, along with a parent?s meeting, on Wednesday, June 13 at 6:00. ALL rehearsals are mandatory beginning July 24. Tech rehearsals will be held on July 30 and 31. Please bring a list of any conflicts you may have to auditions. You are allowed to miss up to 3 rehearsals for vacation or other events. There will be no rehearsal the week of July 4.


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August 2018
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Deb Young
Amy Weisenberg
Music Director
Tina Stuber
Technical Director
Karen Barnett

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