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One Act Festival

Every year, The Barley Sheaf Players host a judged one-act festival that offers a collection of different small shows, each running between five and sixty minutes. Each show, director, and cast has a chance to win awards and recognition, and the judges will select one or more shows to represent The Barley Sheaf Players at the next level of competition, the PACT (Pennsylvania Association of Community Theaters) festival later in the year.

This year, we are proud to be presenting 4 shows. We will start at 10 am and anticipate the festival concluding by 2 pm.

Snow date is Saturday, February 10

Pet Food

Writer: Stephen Webb
Director: Adam Shoffner

A woman lies motionless on the floor. What will her beloved pets do?

Dog - Liz Wheeler
Cat - Matt Snyder
Parakeet/Landlady - Mia Mbuy
Woman - Deb Sulenski

Approx. run time: 30 minutes

"Beg Your Pardon? The Musical"

(Adapted from the show "Sweet and Twenty")
Writer: Dell Floyd
Music and Lyrics: Malaika Paralkar and Nicole Lawrie
Director: Nicole Lawrie
Assistant Director: Jeleen Hutama
Music Director: Srinath Govindarajula
Choreographer: Camryn Williams

Two very unlike people meet and fall in love, but not without a few misunderstandings and quarrels in this hilarious, musical comedy.

Helen Egerton: Camryn Williams
George Brooks: Jackson McGovern
The Agent: Joey Capacao
The Guard: Srinath Govindarajula
The Bee: Joe Breslin

Approx. run time: 30 minutes

The Silence of Addiction

Writer: Kate Muska
Director: Gia Myers
Assistant Director: Rachael Jasienski

Wife and mother, Naomi has a seemingly perfect life, but her past drug addiction threatens to take away everything.

Naomi - Katelin Breitmayer
Charlie - Greg Kwoka
Addiction - Melissa Shaner
Sarah - Alyssa Reape

Approx. run time: 30 minutes


Writer: Andrea Grinwis
Director: Lindsay Franklin

If Goldfish had speech bubbles instead of just oxygen bubbles floating in their tanks, what would they say?

Wendy - Bonnie Schuman
Wanda - Allie Beaver
Frank - Nate Beaver
Beautiful Lady Voices - Maria Boland, Allie Beaver, Bonnie Schuman

Approx. run time: 7 minutes

This show has closed.

February 2018
10:00 am*
* Member tickets not valid for marked (orange) shows.

Festival Details

Admission is $10, payable at the door, which entitles you to stay for as many or few of the performances as you wish. Reservations will not be taken for this event, and free member admission is not permitted.

Some of the shows may contain adult themes and language.

The first show starts at 10:00 AM (doors open at 9:30). The doors are locked during each show's performance, and reopened between shows to allow newly arriving patrons to enter. If you do not plan to arrive between 9:30 and 10:00 AM please dress warmly, as you may be hanging out on our front porch for a while.


Festival Chairperson
Marsha Amato-Greenspan

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