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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of The Barley Sheaf Players!

We believe that Barley Sheaf is the most active and challenging group in the area. Our success as a community theater is directly proportional to the enthusiasm and participation of our members. We hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities and functions available to you through membership.

How to Apply

You can become a member on-line or by mail.


Visit our Membership Pass Page and purchase the appropriate membership -- Adult, Teen or Youth. Once the purchase is made you will be emailed a special pass code to use whenever you wish, on-line or by calling our reservation line, to select your show dates and seats for any or all shows.

PLEASE NOTE: We will assume that the membership is for the person making the purchase. If that is not the case, as soon as the purchase is made please email membership@barleysheaf.org and provide the name(s) of the member for each membership purchased.

By mail

Simply view and print the 2022-23 Membership Form and mail it to us, along with your payment.

Membership Year

Memberships in BSP are annual. The membership year runs from September through August and dues are pro-rated for new members.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of membership include:
  • One free ticket to each of our regular season shows (this excludes our Holiday, Teen, and Children's shows which are not part of the regular season)*
  • A subscription to our monthly email newsletter, The HamPatter
  • Eligibility to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings
  • An invitation to our annual Awards Banquet
  • Eligibility to participate in our One-Act Festival
  • Potential to earn eligibility to direct a show (contact our Productions Chairperson for details)
  • Eligibility to vote at General Membership Meetings (where we choose shows for the next season, elect the Board of Directors, etc.) after being a member for three months
*Member tickets are non-transferable unless you are involved in one of our regular season productions in a capacity that prevents you from seeing the show (e.g., you are part of the cast, stage crew, or band).

Membership Requirements & Participation

We encourage our members to be active in all phases of community theater. Along with the privileges of membership, we also have a duty to keep the theater alive by our participation. Your membership requires that you be active in some aspect in at least one show per year. However, we hope you will enjoy us so much that you'll be willing to do more!

Some of the duties around the theater with which we can always use help include House Management, Box Office, Ushering, Theater Clean-Ups, Costume Construction, Set Construction, Makeup, etc. If you are not familiar with these areas, don't worry! There are plenty of people willing to take the time to help you. Discover all of the hidden talents that you possess!

Membership Terms & Conditions

For the following statements "The Barley Sheaf Players" includes members of The Barley Sheaf Players, its directors, producers, and others working on the behalf of the activities related to The Barley Sheaf Players including, but not limited to its trustees and board of directors.

By becoming a member of The Barley Sheaf Players you assume all risks associated with participating in and/or attending events hosted by The Barley Sheaf Players, including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, and accidents involving the usage of props and movement on set(s). When you apply for membership you are attesting that you understand these risks and in consideration of accepting your membership application you waive and release The Barley Sheaf Players for all claims or liability of any kind arising from participation in Barley Sheaf events.

As a member you also give The Barley Sheaf Players the absolute and irrevocable rights to use your name, quotes and photos on the Internet (World Wide Web), in print publications, video and multimedia presentations, or for any purpose which may include, but not limited to display, public relations, marketing, or designs.

By signing and submitting the paper membership form, or by completing a purchase of a membership on-line, whether for yourself or on behalf of a minor, you are agreeing with and consenting to the above statements, and you are giving The Barley Sheaf Players the right to use the member's name, quotes and photos for any purposes without further approval.

View the 2022-23 Membership Form