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Ticketing Information

You can buy tickets on-line for any of our currently scheduled shows. For your convenience we have included a "purchase your tickets and select your seats on-line" link on each show page.

You may also purchase tickets by calling our reservation line at 610-363-7075. However there can be a delay of a few days before we pick up your message. So purchasing on-line is your best bet to avoid being shut out of a sold-out show.

How much are tickets?

Tickets for most performances are $20 for adults, and $17 for those 18 and under or 60 and over. Some special performances may have different pricing, or may even be by donation. The exact prices for each show can be found on the show page on this website. Prices for the current and next show are also included on the message on our reservation line.

How do I order tickets?

As long as you're here on our website, the fastest and easiest way to purchase tickets is to buy tickets on-line for any of our currently scheduled shows. You can select the show date, see available seats, pick your exact seats and pay for your order.

Reservations for our current and next shows may also be made by calling our reservation line at 610-363-7075. When you call you will be asked to leave the following information:
  • Your full name (please spell your last name)
  • A Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card number with expiration date AND security code
  • The date of the performance you wish to attend
  • The number and type of tickets you require, such as adult, student or senior
  • Your telephone number
  • Whether you would like a confirmation call
We stop taking reservations (on-line and by phone) three hours before the performance begins. So if you call at 6PM to get tickets for an 8PM show we will not get the reservation.

How do I get my tickets?

All tickets are held at the box office and can be picked up beginning 30 minutes prior to the performance. We do not mail tickets nor allow them to be picked up in advance of the performance date. That way we can avoid the classic "my dog ate my theater tickets" situation. For on-line tickets you do not need to print your tickets either, so we can avoid the not-so-classic "my printer ate my theater tickets" situation. Just show up and tell us your name.

Be sure to stop at the box office window to pick-up your tickets even if you know where you're sitting. We want to be sure everyone is there before we start the show.

I hate using my credit card on-line. Do I have to?

Well, yes. But our on-line sales are processed by an industry-leading ticketing service that uses the same secure transaction process as is used on banking sites. The credit card information is used immediately and not retained once the transaction is complete. Barley Sheaf never even sees your credit card information when you purchase tickets on-line.

But if you really don't like doing business on-line, you may still purchase tickets by calling our reservation line at 610-363-7075.

But I hate even more leaving my credit card number on a machine. Do I have to?

Rest assured that our voice mail system is secure and the information will only be received by our box office manager. If you still have a concern, you may request that we call you back to get that information directly from you. However your reservation will not be made until we receive the credit card information.

Can I pay cash (or by check) at the door for my tickets?

If you call in your order to our reservations line, then sure! But only if you tell us that you want to pay cash so we don't put the charge on your credit card right away. Then if you (or the person you reserved the tickets for) pay cash at the door then there will be no charge on the card. Of course if you don't show up we will still charge the card.

If you purchase your tickets on-line the charge will be made immediately to your credit card. However we do allow tickets to be exchanged (see below).

Do I need a reservation?

Certainly not. Walk-up sales on the day of the performance are welcome, and you can purchase tickets at the door using cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card only). Our ticket prices are even the same! However our shows are very popular and our theater is very small, so they often sell out in advance. If it's a show you really want to see, reservations are encouraged.

Will I have specific seats reserved?

Yes, for almost all shows. There are occasional special performances where we only do general admission seating or only sell general admission tickets at the door; no advance reservations.

Can I request to sit in the first row, or on an aisle, or in the balcony, or in specific seats?

When you buy tickets on-line you get to select the exact seats you want. Nice! If you reserve by phone you certainly can make requests, and we will do our best to accommodate you. But don't bother asking to sit in the balcony. We don't have one...unless you mean outside on the roof!

I placed an order on your reservation line, but I never heard back. Did you get my order?

Due to the volume of calls we receive, we only confirm ticket orders when requested. In fact, most of our long-time patrons are confident in the ordering process and do not need confirmation calls. You're always welcome to request a confirmation call when placing an order. Should you forget, you can still call back the reservation line and ask for one -- just leave your name and phone number.

I reserved tickets for an upcoming show but my plans changed. Can I cancel or change my order?

All sales are final, and on-line sales are charged at the time of purchase. However we do allow exchanges for other dates as long as they are requested at least 24 hours prior to the performance. On-line purchasers will receive an email confirmation that includes a code to use for do-it-yourself on-line exchanges.

It's looking pretty nasty out there. I know they say "the show must go on" but, really, will it?

We hate to disappoint our fans, but the safety of our cast, crew and patrons comes first. In cases of extreme weather you can call 610-363-7075 or check this website to find out about show cancellations.

If a performance is canceled due to an emergency or extreme weather conditions, you will be contacted and given the option of a refund to your credit card or a gift certificate to use for a future show.

May I give my member ticket to someone else if I'm unable to use it?

As a general rule, member tickets are non-transferable. However, if you are involved in one of our regular season productions in a capacity that prevents you from seeing the show (e.g., you are part of the cast, stage crew, or band), you may transfer your ticket to a friend or family member.

Are group discounts available?

We offer a discount to groups of 10 or more for tickets purchased at the same time for the same performance of one of our regular season shows. Discount ticket prices are $19 for adults and $16 for seniors 60 and over and for students 18 and under. The discount will be applied automatically when you buy 10 or more tickets online to the same performance of one of our regular season shows. You may also arrange your group discount by calling the box office at 610 363-7075.**

**This discount does not apply to member ticket and/or season subscription offers.

What other information can I get by phone?

By calling 610-363-7075 you can:
  • Learn about our ticket cancellation policy (press 3)
  • Be added to our mailing list (press 4)
  • Learn about upcoming auditions (press 5)
  • Get directions to our playhouse (press 6)