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Season Subscriptions

We are preparing for our upcoming season, and on July 1 we will post information on this page to encourage you to become a Barley Sheaf season subscriber.

Our subscription plan allows you to see multiple shows at a discounted rate, plus you select your show dates and seats at the time of your order. This locks in your seating selection for the dates you pick. Last season we had several sold-out shows and some patrons were turned away, so don't let that happen to you.

Our packages and prices will be the same price as they were last year. Standard subscriptions (all FIVE shows) are:
  • $68 per adult seat
  • $52 per senior (60 and over) or student (18 and under) seat
That's five shows for the same price you would pay to see four. This year we will once again be offering a 4-show "mini subscription" in addition to the usual 5-show package, for those of you who cannot make a particular show or who choose to skip one. Prices for mini subscriptions (any FOUR shows) are:
  • $58 per adult seat
  • $44 per senior or student seat
Worried about planning that far ahead? Don't sweat it. You will receive a code by email when you complete your subscription that will let you exchange dates/seats for other performances of the same show should your plans change.

So please come back after July 1 and learn how you can become a Barley Sheaf season subscriber.