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Calendar of shows and auditions

Want to make your own calendar aware of Barley Sheaf events? Our site now publishes a calendar feed that's compatible with many personal calendars, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple iCal.

Disclaimer: As always, tech support is the responsibility of you or your organization. The instructions here are our best guess how to get it working. But we're theater people, and we're not responsible for fixing your computer.

Click on the calendar you prefer:

Google Calendar

1. Sign on to Google Calendar: http://calendar.google.com/

2. At the bottom of the left column, under "Other calendars", click "Add."

3. A small menu opens, choose "Add by URL."

4. Copy and paste the following URL into the box:


5. Click "Add Calendar."

You're done! In a moment, our calendar should appear in the list of other calendars.

Note that Google reloads this feed only about once per night, so you should check our website directly if you need up-to-the-minute information.

You can toggle visibility of our calendar (or any calendar) by clicking its name in the left bar.

You can unsubscribe completely from our calendar by clicking "Settings" in the upper-right, then go to the "Calendars" tab, and then click "Unsubscribe" next to the calendar you wish to remove.

Windows Live Calendar

1. Sign on to Windows Live Calendar: http://calendar.live.com/

2. Click "Subscribe" from the top row of links (the ones that say "New," "Delete," "Subscribe," etc.)

3. A form appears, with a default option of "subscribe to a public calendar." It asks for the calendar's URL and Name.

4. Copy and paste these two values into the form:

    Calendar URL:  http://www.barleysheaf.org/iCal.aspx

    Calendar name:  The Barley Sheaf Players

5. Click on your favorite color from the colored checkboxes, but leave "Charm" set to NONE, or else the event names won't appear on the calendar.

6. Then, click "Subscribe to calendar."

You're done! It may take some time for the calendar to appear.

Microsoft reloads this calendar feed a few times per day, but you should still check our website directly if you need up-to-the-minute information.

You can toggle visibility of our calendar (or any calendar) by clicking the checkmark next to its name in the left bar.

You can change the color and other settings of our calendar by clicking its name (not the checkmark, but the actual name) in the left bar. From this settings page, there is also an "Unsubscribe" button that will completely remove the calendar.

Apple iCal 2.0

I'll admit it, I don't have a Mac, sorry! However, Apple provides good online help here:


This page suggests you launch Apple iCal 2.0, go to Calendar -> Subscribe, and paste in the URL of our calendar. Our URL is:


After entering this, the help page suggests you select the "Refresh" checkbox, so that your calendar is automatically kept up to date, and then click "Subscribe."

If you get this working, please send me an email and let me know, because without a Mac I cannot test this myself. Thanks!

Microsoft Outlook 2007

I haven't done this myself, but there is help information online here:


The above link should take you directly to the 2nd section on the page, titled "Add an Internet Calendar Subscription to Outlook." (You want this section, not the first.)

Please read all the directions there before you start. You can safely ignore the part that says "ends with a filename that has the .ics file extension." Our calendar link ends with .aspx because it is generated in realtime from our online event database, not just a static .ics file, but it really is .ics format data coming down. Here's the link:


WARNING: Do not just download our feed into a "bsp.ics" file and attempt to import it from the file menu. Doing so will result in the disaster described under "Outlook 2003" below. You have been warned.

Instead, follow the directions for subscribing to the calendar online. It should keep this calendar separate from your own if you do this correctly. The above page also has directions for unsubscribing.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Not recommended)

I don't recommend using Outlook 2003, because there is no subscribe option. Instead, you have to download our calendar feed into a file, typically named "bsp.ics". This file can then be imported into Outlook using the File->Import menu.

WARNING: Doing this will dump all of our events into your personal calendar, and there is no easy way to group-select or remove them. Your best bet is to use Outlook's "find" function and search for our name (Barley Sheaf).

Also, because this is not a subscription, it will not update. It will show events as they were scheduled at the time you downloaded the file, and never update. If you download a new copy of the file, it will gladly import it again, making duplicates of all our events, and mixing that mess into your personal calendar.

Really I don't recommend doing this with Outlook 2003.

Use one of the above online services, like Windows Live or Google Calendar, instead.