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Help!! Attic Clean Up - Sat Feb 6th

Please head over to the theater on Saturday Feb 6th for Attic Clean-up Day. Our wonderful theatrical supplies chair, Elizabeth Hennessey will be there starting at 8am and the day will wrap up around 4pm.

Bryan McVeigh, Karen Barnett and Carol Breslin will be spearheading teams to work on set pieces, costumes and props. We are hoping to weed out broken items, duplicates and thin out what we just don't use. Anything we are throwing out is welcome to be taken home if you can use it!

PLEASE come out for a few hours or hang out for the day. Many hands make for light work! Come show our theater a little TLC!

HEY TEENS - BSP is a non-profit organization. Need service hours? Elizabeth will sign forms for those who come help with our clean up efforts!

If you have questions please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth_hennessey@hotmail.com.

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