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Final weekend
Titanic: The Musical
All performances are sold out.

Titanic is based on the true story of the great ship’s maiden voyage, from its departure in Southampton, England, to its tragic sinking in the Atlantic Ocean. The story focuses on the real passengers and crew members who traveled aboard the doomed ship. Act 1 details their dreams and their wonder as they travel aboard the grand ship,... More...

Coming April 24th
Enchanted April
Have you ever dreamed about escaping your life? In dreary, post-WWI, Downton Abbey-era London, Lotty and Rose want to do just that. When they see an ad for a villa in Italy, they decide to rent it for a month, with two strangers instead of with their husbands. But when all the men in their lives show up, the villa ultimately proves to be a place of new beginnings for everyone.... More...

Coming June 5th
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden is the haunting, yet loving story of young Mary Lennox who loses her parents in the early 1900's to cholera while in India and is sent to live with her Uncle Archibald in Yorkshire who is crippled with grief with the loss of his dear wife Lilly. As the story continues with Mary's stay, we get to witness the transformation that happens with a despondent... More...